The skills your team needs to succeed

On-demand learning for teams of 5 – 40


Self-Paced, Online Tech Training Gets

Your Team Quickly Up To Speed

Designed to get teams of 5 – 40 setup quickly, our team plan delivers all of our impactful technical, recruiting and diversity courses in one place. Choose between the Tech Recruiter Certification program and the Tech Training Certificate program designed for your sales team. Your team can take the courses together (a la lunch & learns) or work at their own pace.

The Team Plan Includes

  • Designed for teams of 5-40 users
  • Access to the entire Tech Recruiter Certification Program
  • Access to the Account Manager & Sales track: the Tech Training Certificate Program
  • Certifications and Digital Badges upon completion for every user
  • Great on-boarding resource for new team members
  • On-boarding & Implementation support: We’ll ensure your team ramps up smoothly
  • Bi-monthly management reports to track the progress and engagement of your team
  • One full year access to training programs and certifications

In Addition to the course standards:

  • On-boarding & Implementation support: We’ll ensure your team ramps up smoothly
  • All courses are online, on-demand, accessible on any device
  • Course materials become a tech handbook
  • Access to ask questions of instructors
  • Quizzes to track comprehension and retention
  • Final Thesis that assures understanding of new tools & knowledge

How will your team level up?


Target the right candidates faster by improving

your team’s understanding of tech roles


An understanding of tech leads to better

connections with technical clients and colleagues


Level up your team’s tech chops and see an

increase in confidence and delivery


Teams see an average of 38% improvement

in time-to-fill rates after completing the course


What Our Teams Have Experienced

Paul Montague, CSM
Talent Sourcer at BWBacon

“The Recruiting Innovation program was super informational and a perfect crash course for someone new in Tech Recruiting or the Tech World, like myself.”

Sherry Platt, MA
Chief Talent Strategist

“The Tech Recruiter Certification program has given me deeper insight into the engineer’s technical world and provided a foundation that’s enhanced my skills in sourcing, screening and selecting the best candidates for my clients. Any recruiter with 0-15 years experience will gain value from this program.”

Doug Klares
CEO of Infinity Consulting Services

“Knowledge is power. Since the buyers of our services are becoming more knowledgeable around technology, we must meet or outpace their knowledge to remain valuable. This is not just for our clients and applicants but our employees. The war on talent is raging, how are we arming our people with the knowledge to fight that battle every day? Recruiting Innovation is a great start.

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