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The Tech Recruiter Certification is an online, on-demand 6 course program.

This program is designed to help non-technical people build authentic relationships with technical clients, candidates and colleagues. Courses cover the three pillars of the software development life cycle, how to engage with technical professionals, strategies for diversity & inclusion and optimizing the full cycle tech recruiting process.


*an elective

Alignment Framework™

The Alignment Framework™ is a tech toolkit that will change the way you approach your tech recruiting. This framework and methodology is the backbone for how we teach tech to non-technical professionals.

Technical Intakes
  • Establish credibility quickly
  • Get full scope of technical roles & target profile
  • Provide value to the conversation
Technical interviews
  • Assess technical experience
  • Engage with top talent
  • Confidently position opportunities
Talent Personas
  • Aggregate approach to learning new roles
  • Improve understanding of tech talent
  • Qualitative & Quantitative aspects of candidate

Technology Courses

Covering the software development lifecycle, our technology courses provide the foundation and the details needed to navigate technical conversations with hiring managers and candidates.

The Developers
  • The roles across the software development process
  • Talent personas and the key themes of each role
  • How junior vs. senior skill sets differ
The Three Pillars of Software Development
  • Front end, Back end and DevOps Engineering
  • The history and current state of tech
  • Key workflows in software development
Engaging Tech Talent
  • What developers look for in job descriptions
  • Outreach messages that get responses
  • Interview techniques that deliver result

Diversity & Inclusion Course

Working in tech, diversity & inclusion (D&I) initiatives are likely already a priority for you. Our D&I classes deliver strategic and tactical actions you can take to design, implement and measure effective initiatives within your organization and for your clients.

Recruiting & Hiring
  • Fill your pipeline: sources for diverse talent
  • An interview process that delivers results
  • Optimized job descriptions and career pages
Considering Environmental Factors
  • Diversity metrics in the tech industry
  • Assessing your org’s state of diversity & inclusion
  • Essential areas to focus on to improve results
Building a Culture of Inclusion
  • Key elements of an inclusive culture
  • Actionable steps that make big impact
  • Developing repeatable initiatives

Tech Recruiting Tactics

Full cycle recruitment training with modern tactics for recruiting in the tech industry. Classes cover a framework of tools designed to improve conversations with technical professionals (candidates and hiring managers), sourcing hard-to-find top talent and optimizing the interview process to land top candidates.

Technical Conversations
  • Effective intake conversations with technical hiring managers
  • Engaging interviews with technical candidates
  • Outreach messages that get responses
Sourcing & Recruiting
  • Modern sourcing techniques
  • Tactics to land top candidates
  • Target the right candidate the first times
Recruiting Tactics
  • Optimizing the interview process
  • Utilizing talent personas
  • Making strong offers that get accepted

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Our Features

What to expect for your team’s training

Course Experience

Video lessons designed for tech recruiters

  • Class content focused on making tech easy to understand.
  • Courses taught by technical experts.
  • Online lessons in a digestible format – most are ten minutes or less!

Course Materials

Resources that your team walks away with

  • Included with each course.
  • Activities for every lesson to help recruiters & sales teams retain knowledge.
  • Becomes a Tech Handbook of helpful tech lingo, sourcing strategies, and candidate tools.

Tech Certification

Signal to engineers you understand their work

  • Certification establishes credibility with technical clients and candidates.
  • Have your team stand out from the crowd with digital badges in email signatures.
  • Professional development is critical to keep up in the fast-paced world of tech recruiting

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