First Steps to Becoming a Tech Recruiter

The role of technical recruiter continues to rise in importance as organizations across industries increasingly rely on technical talent. But what is technical recruiting and how does someone land a job as a technical recruiter? Though the job may seem relatively straightforward, the modern version of the technical recruiter role morphs constantly. JobHero defines a technical recruiter as “…a Recruiter who specializes in finding candidates to fill technical jobs, such as jobs in information technology and engineering.”

While this surface-level definition touches on the basics of tech recruiting, embracing the role of a tech recruiter requires a strong mix of technical knowledge, communication skills, and a curiosity for all things tech and software. But how does one break into the industry? What truly makes a great tech recruiter? This blog post will show you how to become a technical recruiter with the first steps highlighted below.


Educate Yourself on the Technical Recruiting Industry

To get into tech recruiting you must have a functional understanding of technical roles. You don’t need to fluently code Python or understand every aspect of the Software Development Lifecycle, but you need to know enough to find the right candidates and make them feel comfortable during the hiring process. Tech candidates, more so than candidates from any other industry, appreciate when recruiters display a working knowledge of their industry. Being able to speak the language and present interesting technical challenges to solve helps attract technical talent. According to TalentLyft, about 43% of developers want to work on interesting projects. Finding the right talent and holding their attention enough to pique their interest in your company’s projects makes a huge difference in the field.


Expand Your Tech Stack

Not surprisingly, recruiting technical talent often requires using modern technology. From using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to understanding boolean searches and keeping up with the latest resume reading tool, taking advantage of available  technology goes hand-in-hand with finding success in the technical recruiting industry. With such high demand for technical talent and the amount of many HR departments and recruiters struggling to fill roles, the agile and inventive technical recruiter will find the most success. Technology gives us the ability to stay agile, informed, and productive. Every potential candidate and new hire provides data that can be advantageous with new technologies.


Understand the Importance of Global Tech Talent

“IT Talent Wars” continue to rage and the tech recruiters who excel understand the importance of taking a global approach to finding talent. Tech talk transcends national boundaries and for tech recruiters fiercely competing to attract and retain talent, looking beyond national borders and focusing on highly-qualified and knowledgeable talent upstages any other kind of consideration. In the age of remote work, especially in the case of technical talent, geography provides much less friction than in previous decades. The good news for tech recruiters above all else? Even though tech recruiting is extremely competitive, the talent pool has never been larger.


Get Certified

Getting a verified tech recruiting certification opens a lot of doors in the tech recruiting world. Studying technical roles and increasing your knowledge will set you apart in the application process for getting your first technical recruiting role. Pursuing a tech recruiter certification ensures you start in the right direction. Tech recruiter certifications provide aspiring technical recruiters with vetted courses and give them all of the necessary information without time-wasting fluff. They’re made by experts for the purpose of creating qualified talent. 

If you’re interested in diving head first into a career in tech recruiting we recommend that you give our tech recruiter certification a try. Based on years of experience with lectures by expert talent across all tech disciplines, our tech recruiter certification provides you with all of the necessary building blocks to start a fruitful career in tech recruiting. We look forward to helping you along your journey to become a tech recruiter.

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