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We help new talent level up
their tech recruiting chops, fast.

We know the struggle of trying to find your way as a new tech recruiter or sourcer, we've been there. We've tailored our training to deliver recruiting-specific training and technical topics in every day language so that new hires quickly get up to speed on technical roles, toolkits, and how to engage with technical talent. Hear how impactful our training was for Leon Blue, a new Tech Sourcer for Wayne Technologies.

Get answers to common questions

Here’s an FAQ list we hope will help answer
any questions you might have.

Who teaches these classes?

Our instructors are experts in their fields. Instructors are Directors of Front End Technology, UX Strategists, Senior Product Managers, DevOps Engineers, Back End Engineers, and Talent Strategists.

What’s the requirement to get the certification?

In order to receive your Tech Recruiter Certification, you must complete all of the technical courses and written assignments to show you’ve integrated the lessons into your work process. It’s not intense, we promise! The assignment includes things you’ll use with your work: outreach messages, interview questions, sourcing strategies, intake questions, etc.

How long does it take to complete the training?

The full program takes about 10-12 hours to complete (individual class average 15 minutes). Most people complete the program within 3 months.

Is this training for new recruiters or experienced tech recruiters?

Both! Our technical training framework and technical instructors demystify the software development process in a way that is easy to understand, consumable, and will quickly integrate into your workflow as a recruiter. For new recruiters, our Tech Recruiting Tactics course is a perfect recruiting 101 course to get started with, prior to commencing the technical recruiter training.

Why should I take this course?

Because you want to be at the top of your game. You’re tired of playing keyword joust between job descriptions and resumes. You want to have fun conversations with technical candidates and make more awesome placements for your team. Graduates see a dramatic increase in confidence, fill roles 5 days faster, get better outreach response rates and understand new technical roles faster.

How long do I have access to the course for?

You’ll have 12 months access to complete the course. 

Thousands of clients in more than 30 countries rely on our training to help their recruiters be successful.

We are known for our customer service and for
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Valeriya P.

I did not expect to get such powerful content.

I did not expect to get such powerful content. I thought it would be more general and less detailed. I am so happy to be wrong sometimes 🙂
Michelle T


I was part of your training today. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I am new to the world of technical recruiting and find myself suffering from 'Imposter Syndrome', the training gave me renewed confidence.
Paul M.

Super Informational!

The Recruiting innovation course was super informational and was a perfect crash course to someone new into the Tech recruiting or Tech world, like myself.
Veronica F

Better understanding of the technical process!

With each interview, I grasp the alignment framework better and can integrate it into my conversations. This cohesive story approach has made understanding a candidate’s technical process that much easier.

Speaking the language of tech leads to credible conversationseffective outreach messagesconfidence positioning an open rolemore successful recruiting

When you’re truly able to engage with technical talent in their language,
you’ll find the right talent quicker and be able to engage with even the most in-demand professionals.

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