Alignment Framework: A Free Webinar Series for Tech Recruiters

In the world of Software Engineering where the tools are always changing and the candidate’s experience is more complex than it seems, how do you, as a recruiter, make sure that you’re finding the right technical candidate for the job?

At Recruiting Innovation we specialize in online tech recruitment training. We’ve developed our Alignment Framework– a tech toolkit for recruiters designed to teach you how to have successful conversations with technical candidates. We believe in helping recruiters feel confident in their interactions with engineers, that’s why we’re hosting this webinar for free. We’ve split up this series into four highly focused 30-minute webinars. Each webinar will cover a different tool of the Alignment Framework. You’ll learn how to dig deeper with your candidate and build a full picture of their experience.

Part 1: The Software Development Life Cycle for Recruiters

In the first part of this series, we’ll introduce you to the Software Development Life Cycle– the engineer’s process for developing, altering, maintaining, and replacing software. You will walk away understanding the fundamentals of a software developer’s workflow and how to use this information throughout your technical recruiting process. Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle will have you making better tech hires, faster.

Part 2: The Contextual Interview

In the second part of this series, we’ll introduce you to Contextual Interviews– an interview method designed to get you into the shoes of the candidate for better understanding of their work experience, no matter how technical the candidate may be. You will learn how to facilitate a technical contextual interview and elevate your conversations with candidates.

Part 3: Technical Intakes with Hiring Managers

In the third part of this series, we’ll cover Technical Intake Conversations with Hiring Managers. You’ll learn how to apply what you learned in Part One and Part Two of the webinar series, the Software Development Life Cycle and Contextual Interviews, to lead a productive and successful new role intake conversation with a technical Hiring Manager. Having a successful intake means you’ll be searching for the right technical candidate the first time. Saving you and your team time, energy and good candidates. 

Part 4: Talent Personas

In the fourth part of this series, we’ll introduce the Talent Persona– an archetype of a group of people who have a common set of goals and experience. You will walk away knowing how to use this tool in your day-to-day recruiting process, helping you identify the ideal tech candidate. Understanding more about our ideal candidates helps lead our conversation with engineers and recognize the right fit for the role.


The more you understand the world of software development, combined with tools designed specifically for technical recruiting conversations, the better conversations you’ll have with technical professionals in their language. Investing your time in online tech recruitment training will give you the advantage you need to nail those interviews and connect with top tech talent.

Join us for the full series and change the way you work. Start making better tech hires, faster.


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