We’re on a mission to make the world of tech recruiting a better place.

Recruiting Innovation is an online training platform for today’s busy tech recruiter. We provide a central resource of online classes, webinars and blog posts designed to help recruiters quickly get up to speed on the technical roles they recruit for.


Recruiting Innovation was founded by Alison Lawrence Daley. Alison has over ten years of recruiting experience. Her experience spans working with recently funded startups to Fortune 500s, along with both boutique and international recruiting agencies. She understands the pace, constraints and challenges recruiters face, especially in the intensely competitive world of technical recruiting. Alison is also the creator of the Tech Recruiter Conference.

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Elaine Marino - Diversity & Inclusion Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Elaine Marino
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Kellyn Pot'vin Gorman- DevOps Engineering Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman
DevOps Evangelist
Tim Glenn- Back End Engineering Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Tim Glenn
Technical Architect
Morgan Whaley - Front End Engineer Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Morgan Whaley
Senior UI Architect
Alison Lawrence Daley - Tech Recruiting Tactics Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Alison Daley
Founder & CEO

Why Recruiting Innovation?

Relevant Topics

Classes are designed specifically for tech recruiters. Relevance? Check.

Engaging Instructors

At Recruiting Innovation, our instructors ARE developers, so you learn from the source.

Informative Classes

Classes focus on making sure you understand only what you need to know as a recruiter, and nothing that you don’t.

Nerd Cred Badges

Systematically scale up your learning and earn the Nerd Cred you’ve always needed to do your job. Add your badge to your outreach messages to validate that you understand the tech riles you are recruiting for.

Better Results

Create more effective outreach messages, enjoy better conversations with candidates, and make more placements with your new tech understanding.

Career Mastery

Use your new tech recruiting strategies to stand out from the crowd and become known as one of the greats in your industry.

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