Online courses designed specifically to help technical recruiters become quota-crushing, tech-savvy top performers.

Here’s What We’re About

On-demand Classes

Take our online classes anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Increase Placements

Stand out from the crowd by engaging with tech candidates in their language.

Tech Recruiter Certification

Get certified and include your Nerd Cred badge with your candidate outreach to add to your credibility.

Designed for Recruiters

Classes focus on what recruiters need to know to effectively recruit technical candidates.

Expert Instructors

Learn directly from tech leads about the work and the professionals in each tech discipline.

Career Mastery

Use your new tech recruiting knowledge and strategies to stand out from the crowd as a tech recruiter worth speaking to.

How It Works

Step 01

Sign up!

Choose a single class or sign up with a subscription to get access to the full library of classes. 

Step 02

Pick a course and get started

Each course is comprised of nine classes, with most classes under 10 minutes each. Complete a full course in an afternoon. Best of all, take classes when it suits you best. Classes are all online and on demand, watch from any device.

Step 03

Create a tech recruiting handbook as you go

Download the course materials and work with them as you go through each class, creating a resource you can tap into throughout your recruiting process.

Step 04

Become a Certified Tech Recruiter

Pass the tests at the end of the full course and become a Certified Tech Recruiter. Add your new Nerd Cred badge to your email signature and social profiles to validate you are a tech recruiter who knows what they’re talking about.

Step 05

Dominate your day-to-day

Using your new technical domain knowledge, enjoy easier conversations with potential candidates, schedule more interviews, and make more placements.


We’ve spoken with both tech recruiters AND software developers to learn about the biggest pain points in the tech recruiting process. From there we built our classes to provide recruiters with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively, and successfully, engage with hard-to-reach technical talent.

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