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Online Courses

that improve time-to-fill rates by 4.5 days.

Make Better Tech Hires

Target the right candidates faster by improving your team’s understanding of tech roles

Improve Tech Connections

An understanding of tech leads to better connections with technical clients and colleagues

Develop Top Performers

Level up your team’s tech chops and see an increase in confidence and delivery

Decrease Time-To-Fill Rates

Teams see an average of 38% improvement in time-to-fill rates after completing the course


Our Founder

I built this training platform to teach recruiters and sales teams what they need to know to be successful in tech. As a tech recruiter for more than a decade, I know firsthand how modular, inefficient and frustrating learning about tech roles can be.

Our industry needs a resource that explains technology to non-technical people. Built specifically for this audience, our focused, online classes are designed by recruiters, for recruiters, with tech experts as instructors.

Alison Daley



Online Courses Cover Key Areas In The Tech Industry


Technical training is critical for maximizing recruiting & sales performance in the tech space. Covering the software development lifecycle and the key roles along that process, our tech courses level up your team’s tech chops and get team on their way to better tech connections.

Diversity & Inclusion

If you operate in the talent space, you know diverse teams create more successful products and companies. Our Diversity & Inclusion courses provide actionable lessons and strategies to improve your D&I impact across your sourcing, recruiting and retention initiatives.

Full Cycle Recruiting

Having a firm foundation in modern recruiting strategies means teams are consistent in their execution and delivery.

Our tech recruiting courses can provide your team with the training they need to gain new skills or become more advanced in their existing skillsets.

Our Expert Instructors

At Recruiting Innovation, we believe that technical subjects should be taught by technical leads. All of our instructors are experts from their field, granting insight into the mind of the engineer.

Elaine Marino

D&I Strategist

Kellyn Pot’vin Gorman

DevOps Evanglist

Tim Glenn

Technical Architect

Morgan Whaley

Senior UI Architect

Alison Daley

Talent Strategist

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Our online tech recruitment training connects recruiters & sales teams with the knowledge they need to have informed conversations with engineering professionals. Learn how our program is broken down & the benefits of taking your technical understanding to the next level.


What Our Teams Have Experienced

Paul Montague, CSM
Talent Sourcer at BWBacon

“The Recruiting Innovation program was super informational and a perfect crash course for someone new in Tech Recruiting or the Tech World, like myself.”

Sherry Platt, MA
Chief Talent Strategist

“The Tech Recruiter Certification program has given me deeper insight into the engineer’s technical world and provided a foundation that’s enhanced my skills in sourcing, screening and selecting the best candidates for my clients. Any recruiter with 0-15 years experience will gain value from this program.”

Doug Klares
CEO at Infinity Consulting Services

“Knowledge is power. Since the buyers of our services are becoming more knowledgeable around technology, we must meet or outpace their knowledge to remain valuable. This is not just for our clients and applicants but our employees. The war on talent is raging, how are we arming our people with the knowledge to fight that battle every day? Recruiting Innovation is a great start.”

Our Latest Blogs

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Named after the the first black talent agent and the first agent to represent black talent, Recruiting Innovation seeks to continue her mission to support and elevate underrepresented talent, specifically within the recruiting industry.

How to Have Effective Interviews with Tech Candidates

Learn how to have effective conversations with any technical professional. With an introduction to the Contextual Interview Method your technical interviews will never be the same.

A Recruiter’s Intro to Front End
Frameworks & Libraries

The front-end stack is made up of many different languages, libraries and frameworks. Understanding why engineers choose one over the other, sets you apart.


Tech Training for every team.

Our fast, focused and informative online and custom training courses will have your non-technical teams speaking the language of tech in no time. Imagine the results when your team is full of tech A-Players.

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