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Tech Recruitment Training

​​Learn to talk tech like a pro with our self-paced, online training. Designed by recruiters, taught by tech experts.

Become a Certified Tech Recruiter!

Become a Certified Tech Recruiter

We offer an online, on-demand 7 course program designed to help non-technical people build authentic relationships with technical clients, candidates and colleagues.

Quickly gain the confidence and credibility you need to effectively engage tech talent.

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Front End Engineering

UX Design

DevOps Engineering

Tech Recruiting Tactics

Product Management

- Main Benefits -

Confidently 'Talk Tech'

Learn the framework you can follow to have engaging, credible conversations with any technologist.

Become a Certified Tech Recruiter

Stop Grasping At Keywords &
Miscellaneous Word Searches

Tech Recruiting Can Feel Like
a Foreign Language

Recruiters often feel like a deer in headlights without a foundational understanding of what developers do.

Recruiting Tools Won’t Fix Your
Lack of Technical Understanding

Your AI tool won’t help if you don’t know that Java is not short for JavaScript. Our classes are taught by tech experts & designed for recruiters.

Cringe-worthy Interviews Won’t
Help You Land Top Talent.

Level up your technical understanding and you’ll have credible, even fun, technical interviews.

Tech Recruiter Certification

Learn to talk tech like a pro with our self-paced, online training. Designed by recruiters, taught by tech experts.
*We are currently in Pre-Sale mode for 2.0 update to the Tech Recruiter Certification.
The fully updated program launches Nov. 22nd, 2021.
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Tech Recruiter Certification
7 Courses, 30 Classes, 10 hrs of content
Handbooks & Quizzes
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Valeriya P.

I did not expect to get such powerful content.

I did not expect to get such powerful content. I thought it would be more general and less detailed. I am so happy to be wrong sometimes 🙂
Michelle T


I was part of your training today. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I am new to the world of technical recruiting and find myself suffering from 'Imposter Syndrome', the training gave me renewed confidence.
Paul M.

Super Informational!

The Recruiting innovation course was super informational and was a perfect crash course to someone new into the Tech recruiting or Tech world, like myself.
Veronica F

Better understanding of the technical process!

With each interview, I grasp the alignment framework better and can integrate it into my conversations. This cohesive story approach has made understanding a candidate’s technical process that much easier.

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