Stop grasping at keywords and miscellaneous web searches to try to piece together an understanding of what developers do.

Learn the system you can follow to speed up your comprehension of technical roles while also facilitating consistent, engaging interviews with every type of technical candidate. Every time.


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  • The 5 step process all developers follow
  • The key technical terms across the Frontend. Backend & DevOps stacks
  • A tech toolkit that delivers consistent. credible technical interviews. every lime


Receive one 15-minute class for 5 days that will cover these topics:

  1. Introduction to the Software Development Life Cycle and the 5 step process all developers follow in their work
  2. Technical Interviews with the Alignment Framework®: a revolutionary system that enables you to dig into the technical details of a candidate’s experience through structured follow up questions
  3. Frontend Engineering 101: The programming languages, frameworks and libraries of the frontend stack
  4. Backend Engineering 101: Details on what comprises backend stacks and why teams choose one stack over another
  5. DevOps Engineering 101: Taking the mystique out of this discipline, learn the key methodologies and tools of DevOps engineering

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Learn the system you can use to have consistent, credible technical interviews. Every time.

Receive one 15-minute class for 5 days to level up your tech interviews