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Onboard new recruiters in 50% of the time with our online training.

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Graduates can dig into technical details during a tech interview.

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Feel confident digging into tech details with the hiring manager.

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4.5 Days Faster

Graduates fill their technical roles an average 4.5 days faster.

Learn from Top Tier Talent

Our technical experts hail from top tech companies and give recruiters strategies for adding more value to their teams.
Front End Engineering
Justin Lang

DevOps Engineering

Khalid Hamza

Back End Engineering

Morgan Whaley

Front End Engineering

Catherine Shyu Sullivan

Product Management

Jules Monza

UX Design

Alison Daley

Talent Strategist


‘Goodbye’ to cringeworthy technical conversations.
Online training for authentic relationships.

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Valeriya P.

I did not expect to get such powerful content.

I did not expect to get such powerful content. I thought it would be more general and less detailed. I am so happy to be wrong sometimes 🙂
Michelle T


I was part of your training today. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I am new to the world of technical recruiting and find myself suffering from ``Imposter Syndrome``, the training gave me renewed confidence.
Paul M.

Super Informational!

The Recruiting innovation course was super informational and was a perfect crash course to someone new into the Tech recruiting or Tech world, like myself.
Veronica F

Better understanding of the technical process!

With each interview, I grasp the alignment framework better and can integrate it into my conversations. This cohesive story approach has made understanding a candidate’s technical process that much easier.

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