Six Major Trends in Tech Recruiting for 2022

Trends. Love them or hate them they shape the way that we approach technical recruiting. From a greater reliance on recruiting technology to a stronger emphasis on diversity in recruiting and diversity training, technical recruiters have plenty to think about in 2022. At Recruiting Innovation, we understand the importance of trends, while knowing that innovation and success take priority to trend-chasing. We’ve searched through all of the major trends in 2022 to bring you the 6 most important trends for technical recruiters to follow in 2022.


Diversity Takes Center Stage

Now more than ever technical recruiters place emphasis on a diverse approach to hiring talent. The “boys club” mentality that dominated the tech industry continues to slowly dissipate as forward-thinking tech recruiters open the doors to qualified talent of all genders, ethnicities and beliefs. According to Forbes, nearly 80% of talent professionals ranked diversity hiring as the most important 2022 trend in the recruiting industry. Creating a positive workplace through diversity training and allowing a diverse chorus of voices to be heard remain at the top of most tech recruiters priority lists and for good reason. Great tech talent comes in all shapes and sizes and exclusionary hiring practices negatively impact the ability and vision of any organization.


AI and ATS Rise in Importance

The demand for tech roles increases on a daily basis. From DevOps Engineers to Software Development Cycle experts and beyond, every employer across industries needs tech experts to continue growing their business. This overwhelming need for roles increases the pressure on tech recruiters and human resources managers to fill roles. Funny enough, embracing technology helps take the pressure off of filling these tech roles by automating otherwise time-consuming processes. AI powered recruiting software improves the quality of candidates screened while also reducing cost per screen. Early adopters of AI recruiting software have seen a 75% reduction in cost per screen as well as a 35% decrease in turnover rate. Every applicant screened makes a difference when trying to fill the large number of open tech roles and speedy, cost efficient methods like AI and Applicant Tracking Systems like Naukri RMS  stand out as a great investment.


Attracting New Prospects via Social Media

Job boards still play an important role in the hiring process, but they don’t play as vital of a role as they did in the 2000’s and 2010’s. Technical recruiters’ jobs revolve around finding talent in the right place at the right time. If you can’t find quality candidates on job boards, then where else can you look? Social media. Most modern tech candidates spend a good portion of their time on social media. In fact they’re more likely to respond to direct messages about open roles then take time to scroll through pages upon pages of job postings. As of 2022 84% of organizations recruit via social media and 9% of the remaining organizations plan to do so in the future. LinkedIn remains the staple social media platform for finding new tech talent but platforms like Instagram and Facebook remain viable. If you want to meet younger tech talent where they live, improving your social media presence and defining your social media recruiting protocol should be at the top of your list of to-do’s.


Hybrid Work and Hiring Won’t Go Away

After the past two years the results are in: hybrid work is possible and, in fact, it attracts quality talent. Geographical barriers no longer matter and qualified tech candidates love the ability to circumvent the typical commute and work from home during hours that make sense for them. By creating strong hybrid work structures, organizations show that they understand the needs of their prospects and are willing to cultivate a work environment that brings out the best in them. Beyond appreciating hybrid work, many employees expect and demand hybrid work opportunities. 73% of employees considered switching jobs because of the lack of a defined hybrid work policy. For employers and recruiters in the tech industry, offering hybrid work options stands out as one of the best ways to attract talent and reduce turnover.


Data-Centric Recruiting Matters

When in doubt consult the data! From the beginning of the applicant screening process to applicant performance in the first 6 months after hiring, cutting-edge companies record every possible data point.  This data gives recruiters an advantage when looking to find qualified candidates down the line. Do your most successful employees know Python and display a strong aptitude for clear and effective communication during interviews? Great! We can use that data to create lists and find look-alike candidates who will likely find a great deal of success and fulfillment in your organization. Beyond just finding top candidates based on past success, data driven recruiting gives employees a greater ability to predict speed of hire and increase the overall quality of hires. Stay ahead of the curve and let the data do the heavy lifting!


Talent Trumps Degrees

A great college degree and a shining recommendation used to mean something. These days, especially in the tech realm, they don’t hold as much value. The internet provides so many opportunities for developers and other tech candidates to find the educational materials and practice they need to build the foundations for a solid career in tech. Universities provide structure and resources, but, especially with the high demand for tech roles, a degree just doesn’t take the place of practical talent. Giving potential applicants real world problems to solve and judging them based on their talent and not their background leads to finding much better prospects than relying on the pedigree that comes with a college education. 

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