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The Tech Recruiter Certification is an online, on-demand 6 course program.

This program is designed to help non-technical people build authentic relationships with technical clients, candidates and colleagues. Courses cover the three pillars of the software development life cycle, how to engage with technical professionals, strategies for diversity & inclusion and optimizing the full cycle tech recruiting process.


*an elective

The Tech Recruiter Certification

Learn to talk tech like a pro with our self-paced, online training. Designed by recruiters, taught by tech experts.

6 courses, 52 classes, 12 hours of content

Handbooks, quizzes, thesis, ask questions to instructors

Professional development for busy schedules


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14 day 100% money-back guarantee.

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Who teaches these classes?

Our instructors are experts in their fields. Instructors are Platform Architects, UI Architects, DevOps Evangelists, Directors of Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Strategists.

How long does it take to complete the training?

The full program takes about 10 hours to complete (individual class are only 10 minutes). Most people complete the program within 3 months.

How long do I have access to the course for?

You’ll have 6 months access to complete the course. If you need more time, no problem! We’ll give you extra time.

What if I have a question
in a class?

You can pose the question directly within the lesson to the instructor! And, you’ll be able to see what other students have asked and the answers they’ve received.

There’s a thesis requirement?

Yes. In order to receive your Tech Recruiter Certification you must complete a thesis to show you’ve integrated the lessons into your work process. The thesis takes about 1.5 hours to complete.

Why should I take this course?

Because you want to be at the top of your game. Graduates see a dramatic increase in confidence, fill roles 4.5 days faster, get better outreach response rates and understand new technical roles faster.

Some of our blush-worthy praises:

We’ll let our happy students speak for themselves.

Michelle Talbot
Technical Recruiter

I was in your training today and it was AMAZING!!

I’m new to the world of technical recruiting and find myself struggling with “Imposter Syndrome.” The training has given me renewed confidence.

David Peck
Business Development Manager

I loved how Recruiting Innovation took the time to dive deeper into the day-to-day tasks of each developer role, as well as their processes and characteristics. I learned what processes and tools are being used by developers most often, as well as some distinguishing characteristics between a Junior and Senior level developer.

Megan Ermalowicz
Technical Recruiter

I have utilized the interviewing techniques that I learned from the course (still need to practice) but WOW what a huge difference and the amount of information I was able to pull out vs. the typical behavioral based interview style! I am so glad I found this program.

Our Features

Online learning best practices to ensure you retain what you are learning.

Course Experience

Video lessons designed for tech recruiters

  • Class content focused on making tech easy to understand.
  • Courses taught by technical experts.
  • Online classes in a digestible format – most are ten minutes or less!

Course Handbooks

Resources that your team walks away with

  • Included with each course.
  • Activities for every lesson to help recruiters & sales teams retain knowledge.
  • Becomes a Tech Handbook of helpful tech lingo, sourcing strategies, and candidate tools.

Digital Certification

Signal to engineers you understand their work

  • Certification establishes credibility with technical clients and candidates.
  • Stand out from the crowd with a digital badge in your email signature.
  • Professional development is critical to keep up in the fast-paced world of technology.


What Our Recruiters Have Experienced

“I have had my eye on the Tech Recruiter Certification Program for a while and I finally signed up very recently. I am only about 1/5 through and I have already learned so much. I have been recruiting in the technical space for over 5 years, and I have a software engineer husband, so I felt like I already had a pretty good grasp on basic technical concepts. I was wrong. If I had access to a program like this when I first started recruiting, I can’t even imagine how much more effective I would have been. Wish I had signed up back when I first heard of your company!”

Christina Selk

Senior Recruiter


What Our Recruiters Have Experienced

“This course armed me with a tangible, fool-proof method on how to conduct interviews with technical candidates in a meaningful way. Prior to this course, I had severe ‘imposter syndrome’ when conducting phone screens with technical candidates – I would ask questions unrelated to one another and was unable to connect the dots. This was both frustrating to me and the candidates. Now, I have tailored my conversations with technical candidates to mirror their wants by putting myself in their shoes.”

Veronica Fritsch, CSM, CSPO

Candidate Insights


What Our Teams Have Experienced

“Knowledge is power. Since the buyers of our services are becoming more knowledgeable around technology, we must meet or outpace their knowledge to remain valuable. This is not just for our clients and applicants but our employees. The war on talent is raging, how are we arming our people with the knowledge to fight that battle every day? Recruiting Innovation is a great start.”

Doug Klares

CEO at Infinity Consulting Solutions

Our Expert Instructors

At Recruiting Innovation, we believe that technical subjects should be taught by technical leads. All of our instructors are experts from their field, granting insight into the mind of the engineer.

Elaine Marino

Diversity & Inclusion

Kellyn Pot’vin Gorman

DevOps Evanglist

Tim Glenn

Technical Architect

Morgan Whaley

Senior UI Architect

Alison Daley

Talent Strategist


Partners & Clients

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