Must-Attend Events for Tech Recruiters in 2022

Who doesn’t love a great conference? Creative booths, cool prizes and a plethora of amazing speakers and events. Conferences and live events present tech recruiters with the opportunity to directly immerse themselves in everything talent and walk away with great memories and connections to boot!  In-person and hybrid events for tech recruiting, talent acquisition and HR are back and in full swing, but not all events are created equal. What events truly rank amongst the cream of the crop for tech recruiting professionals? 

We’ve gone through all of the events for the year and picked out our top 5 must-attend events for tech recruiters in 2022.

SHRM Talent Conference & Expo

Dates: April 10 – 13

Location: Denver, CO

Start your Spring off right by talking recruiting trends and talent retention with some of the brightest minds in recruiting and talent management. One of the largest recruiting and talent conferences of the year, SHRM attracts talented recruiters from all over and the speakers cover a range of topics from talent retention to technology and data analytics in the recruitment process. While not focused strictly on tech recruiting, the open minded and knowledge hungry tech recruiter will find plenty to love and learn at this conference.  Join Recruiting Innovation Founder Alison Daley at SHRM for her talk titled “Tech Speak for the HR Suite” on Tuesday the 12th at 10:30. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Workhuman Live

Dates: May 16 – 19

Location: Atlanta, GA

Workhuman Live advertises itself as a can’t miss HR event for 2022, and they really aren’t kidding. With 65+ speakers over 3 days, content centered around developing and reimagining the human workplace and celebrity guests like Dan Levy and Simone Biles, this event truly feels like a can’t miss moment in recruiting and HR for 2022. Based in Atlanta, Workhuman Live places emphasis on understanding the human aspect of HR and recruiting, but speakers cover everything from compassion in management to HR Analytics and beyond. With plenty of speakers delving into topics related to tech recruiting and an overall positive and forward thinking atmosphere, this event belongs on your calendar.


Dates: June 27 – 28 

Location: Seattle, WA

Looking for the preeminent tech recruiting conference? Look no further than Talent42. In the era of the “Tech Talent Wars”, Talent42 is all about helping talent acquisition professionals hire and retain top technology talent. With a laser focus on tech recruiting practices and an impressive collection of speakers with a background in tech recruiting, this conference remains the top priority for tech recruiters learning to improve their craft in 2022. With past attendees ranging from employees of Facebook to Disney, this conference attracts the best of the best and is a great reason to visit Seattle in June of 2022.

Staffing World 2022

Dates: October 25 – 27 

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Looking to learn about ways to combat the “Great Resignation” while making strategic connections and enjoying all Vegas has to offer? Staffing World 2022 is the event for you. Hosted by the American Staffing Association, Staffing World focuses on the real challenges that talent professionals face on a day to day basis with the goal of finding solutions and fueling success. How do we foster effective and inspirational leadership? What does it take to support emerging female leaders in staffing? If you’re seeking to answer any of these questions you’ll likely find the answers at Staffing World 2022.

TechServe Alliance Executive Summit

Dates: November 7 – 9

Location: Palm Springs, CA

The TSAE Summit provides a perfect meeting place for tech recruiters and tech talent. Few other conferences offer the opportunity for tech recruiters to rub shoulders with CTO’s, CIO’s and other senior IT leaders. Based in Palm Springs, the core topics for this year include The Talent Crisis, Strategic Leadership, the Future of the Tech Industry and more. This summit presents a great opportunity for tech recruiters to learn and grow from ongoing discussions with top tech leaders. 

If you can only attend a couple of events this year, we recommend that at least one of these events ends up on your schedule. From staying on top of tech recruiting trends to humanizing the talent acquisition and retention process, these events will provide tech recruiters with the knowledge and connections they need to succeed in 2022 while providing talent professionals with the opportunity to celebrate everything that makes the talent industry amazing. See you there! 

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