Front End Engineering

Front End Engineering | Literacy Skills

Now that you’ve established your background on Front End Engineering, now is the time to start applying that knowledge to find the ideal candidates. In this lesson we will go more in depth with the explanation of roles in Front End Engineering, what distinguishes a Senior engineer from a Junior, and how to draw useful skills from past experiences. You will find yourself with the tools you need to match candidates to potential opportunities and gather further information about a candidate through investigation.

Lesson Outline

  • Persona of the Front End Engineer
    • Motivations, Goals, Frustrations, Tools, Skills
    • What they think / worry about
  • Junior/Senior breakdown
    • Outcomes expected depending on experience
    • General Experience background
  • Resumes
    • How to read them
  • How to get the story of the candidate from resume
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Morgan Whaley - Front End Engineer Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
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