Front End Engineering

Front End Engineering | Language Skills

This lesson will kick off your knowledge of Front End engineering, starting with its background and implementation. By discovering more about the different elements and the history of this field, you’ll find yourself with the ability to describe and define front end languages, match them to the tech stack they belong to, and genuinely communicate the difference between frameworks.  You will develop the recruiting strategies you need to pick out relevant skills and past experiences from resumes, helping you find the right candidate for the job.

Lesson Outline

  • Introduction to Front End Engineering + the history of the discipline
  • Breakdown of FEE elements:
    • HTML/CSS, jQuery, JavaScript
    • JS Frameworks
    • Libraries
  • Idea -> Product FEE Journey Map
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Morgan Whaley - Front End Engineer Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Morgan Whaley
Role : Senior UI Architect
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  • Experience : 7 years
  • Specialist in : Front End Engineering
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