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Front End Engineering | Communication Skills

This last leg of our Front End Engineering course solidifies the skills you need to identify the right Front End Engineer for the job. This lesson covers everything you need to know to communicate with your candidates. By learning about their perspective when searching for a new opportunity, you’ll find yourself communicating in a more personable manner that conveys understanding about their position. Your interviews and conversations will be more relaxed, giving you the information you need to make an offer.

Lesson Outline

  • What do Front End Engineers want in a new opportunity
  • What they look for in a job description & job posting
  • How to approach them effectively
  • Where they hang out / where they can be found
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Morgan Whaley - Front End Engineer Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Morgan Whaley
Role : Senior UI Architect
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  • Experience : 7 years
  • Specialist in : Front End Engineering
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