DevOps | Communication Skills

You’ve narrowed down your candidates, have gained an understanding of their skills and past experience, now it’s time to seal the deal. In this lesson, you’ll discover what a DevOps engineer is looking for in a new position and how to speak to their knowledge and experience. You’ll find yourself being able to communicate to them in their language in emails and interviews, being able to explain the different aspects of the DevOps roles, process and how they relate to each other. Having these recruiting strategies by your side, you will be able to genuinely find the right fit for your company.

Lesson Outline

  • What does a DevOps Eng  want in a new opportunity
  • What they look for in a job description & job posting
  • How to approach them effectively
  • Where they hang out / where they can be found
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Course Curriculum

Kellyn Pot'vin Gorman- DevOps Engineering Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman
Role : DevOps Evangelist
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