Tech Recruiting Tactics

Tech Recruiting Tactics

Tech Recruiting Tactics

Becoming a top recruiter takes training, experience, and skill. Honing your craft is a necessity in today’s incredibly competitive tech recruiting market. We’ve taken the key learnings from our decades of recruiting experience to create the foundation of this Tech Recruiter Tactics course.

You’ll be taken step-by-step through the full recruiting process; from making the most of the conversation with a hiring manager to knowing how to source new candidates. You’ll learn different recruiting strategies, like how to craft effective outreach messages that will get responses. We’ll also introduce you to Talent Personas and Contextual Interviewing based on UX research methods to empower you to have a deeper understanding of the candidates you connect with.

Throughout this course, you will build the skills needed to successfully recruit tech talent.

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  1. Tech Recruiting Tactics | Foundation

    Our Foundation course will establish your understanding of the full recruiting flow and how to optimize each step in your process. We’ll cover sourcing tactics such as Boolean and X-Ray searches as well as introduce you to the overview of tech roles and how they work together.
  2. Tech Recruiting Tactics | Understanding

    Gain the skills you need to craft effective outreach messages and learn how to overcome objections. We’ll introduce you to Talent Personas, a method for quickly understanding the technical candidate you are seeking or speaking with.
  3. Tech Recruiting Tactics | Communication

    Recruiting is all about communication. In this lesson you will learn how to optimize your conversation with hiring managers to ensure you are targeting the right type of candidate. We’ll walk you through how to create engaging job descriptions. You’ll learn about Contextual Interviews and how to leverage them to get the most from technical candidates.