Front End Engineering

Front End Engineering

Front End Engineering

Front End Engineers are vitally important to an organization building programs, website, apps, etc. Put simply, they help program the visible and interactive features, working with the back end to process the necessary data. However, their importance in a technical organization goes way beyond that.

That’s why we kick off this course with some knowledge about the history and details about this intricate field. You’ll learn how to identify different Front End languages and how they apply to different roles in Front End Engineering and how to differentiate Front end vs Back end. You’ll discover the difference between a Junior engineer and a Senior engineer, looking at their motivations and goals. With this newfound information, you’ll find yourself easily identifying the right candidates through their resumes, spotting out relevant past experiences.

Throughout the course, you will build the recruiting strategies needed to communicate with candidates confidently about their skills and experience, to place them in software engineer jobs. By understanding more about their background and perspective, you will be able to identify the right candidate for the position.

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  1. Our Language Skills class will establish your knowledge of Front End engineering, its languages, and history. In turn, you'll develop the insight to accurately read resumes and identify potential candidates for the position.
  2. Gain the skills needed to match candidates with potential Front End Engineering opportunities! In this lesson we'll cover the persona of the Front End engineer, what distinguishes a Junior engineer from a Senior, and how to draw insight from resumes.
  3. In this lesson we will be addressing different communication tools that will help ease conversations and interviews with potential candidates. you'll learn more about the perspective of the Front End Engineer, which will allow you to speak with them in their language.