Diversity & Inclusion Training

Diversity & Inclusion Training

Diversity & Inclusion Training

As the tech industry continues to grow, more light is being shed on the lack of diversity training found amongst these companies. Studies show that introducing diversity into work environments leads to more effective problem solving and brings more perspective to the table. When it comes to tech hiring for this industry, it’s important to understand what true diversity is and how you can integrate it in your recruiting tactics.

The course begins with a dive into what diversity in tech looks like today. We’ll analyze the different categories of diversity and discuss the benefits that can come from a more diverse workplace. You’ll learn hiring techniques that will help you create job descriptions that are approachable to minority candidates. In our last lesson, we’ll focus on how to create an inclusive company culture that will assist in retaining a diverse team.

You will leave this course empowered with the recruiting strategies you need to find the right candidates who bring a unique perspective to their teams. This along with the skills you’ll learn in our more technical classes, will award you with the opportunity to make the right technical placements that will benefit the team and company simultaneously.

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  1. As the tech industry continues to bloom, the need for more diverse teams continues to increase. As a tech recruiter, it's now more vital than ever, that you have an understanding of the state of diversity in the tech industry. This lesson will cover what diversity is and the benefits of introducing it into your workplace.
  2. Now that you understand more about diversity in tech, it's time to discover different recruiting tactics that will guide you in making more diverse placements. In this lesson, you will learn how to write inclusive job descriptions, as well as how to structure interview process that allow candidates to shine. You will find yourself making effective placements that enhance the workplace.
  3. You've learned to hire for diversity, but how can you make sure that new member of the team field included in the company? In this lesson we cover everything you need to know about creating a more inclusive workplace. You will learn about the Do's and Don'ts of company culture and the actions you can take to make new team members feel welcome.