Back End Engineering

Back End Engineering

Back End Engineering

When it comes to software engineering, Back End Engineering (BEE) is an essential piece of the puzzle. Dealing with the server-side of sites, Back End Engineers focus on how the site functions, its security, and structure. Knowing what distinguishes a Back end vs Front end and learning more about their perspective as developers, can assist you in finding the right potential candidate for a back end position.

That’s why we begin our Back End Engineering course with an introduction to Back End Engineering and its history, breaking down the different elements these developers deal with on a day-to-day basis. You will learn how to define different back end languages, being able to match them to the tech stack they belong to. Once you’ve established a base layer of knowledge of the field, we dive into the persona of the Back End Engineer, explaining the distinctions between Senior and Junior engineers and showing you how to spot out relevant past experiences from resumes.

Throughout the course, you will grow your knowledge of the back end, giving you the recruiting strategies you need to communicate with candidates in their language with confidence. You will gain the insight needed to identify star players in the back end and connect them with the right potential opportunities.

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  1. Build up your background knowledge of the back end with this first lesson! You will discover the history of the discipline and learn how to describe and define back end languages, helping you identify potential candidates from their resumes.
  2. Learn about the intricacies of the Back End Engineer, what their goals and motivations are, along with what distinguishes a junior from a senior. We'll take you through the ins and outs of resume reading, awarding you with the tools you need to identify the right candidates.
  3. Communication is key when finalizing candidates for a position. When it comes to hiring a Back End Engineer, you need to be able to speak with them on a technical plane. In this lesson we dive into what a Back End Engineer looks for in a new opportunity and how to identify high quality developers.