Recruit higher quality, more diverse tech candidates, faster.

What is the Tech Recruiter Certification?

The Tech Recruiter Certification provides the foundation recruiters need to understand software development, diversity & inclusion, and innovative recruiting techniques so that they more quickly and effectively recruit in-demand technical talent.

  • Curriculum designed by recruiters, taught by tech leads
  • Course materials that become a tech recruiter handbook
  • Direct access to ask instructor questions
  • 5 courses – 9 chapters each – 10 minutes per chapter
  • Courses are all online, on-demand and accessible via any device
  • Course assessments throughout the program to test your knowledge
  • Relevant examples that paint the picture of  tech recruiting today
  • Valuable UX tools that re-introduce the human aspect into recruiting

“Each of those presenters brought light to the process which made them effective. Understanding those processes to a better degree helps me in turn find better candidates.”

-Talent Services @ MachineLOGIC

Our Instructors

Elaine Marino - Diversity & Inclusion Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Elaine Marino
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Kellyn Pot'vin Gorman- DevOps Engineering Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman
DevOps Evangelist
Tim Glenn- Back End Engineering Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Tim Glenn
Technical Architect
Morgan Whaley - Front End Engineer Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Morgan Whaley
Senior UI Architect
Alison Lawrence Daley - Tech Recruiting Tactics Instructor at Recruiting Innovation
Alison Daley
Founder & CEO

Our 5 Class Program Covers

Software Development Lifecycle


3 Courses covering:                                        Front End, Back End & DevOps Engineering

The Engineers

Talent Personas, Junior vs Senior profiles, Matching Resumes to Open Jobs 


Effective Outreach Messages, Optimizing Job Descriptions & Interviews

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Sourcing

Untapped pools of diverse candidates, Building a diverse pipeline

Diversity Recruiting

 Interview processes, Job Descriptions & Outreach Messaging

Inclusion & Retention

Company culture: Assess and Improve for Diversity & Inclusion

Full Cycle Recruitment

The Alignment Framework Method™

Framework of tools train Recruiters to think like tech insiders: Talent Personas, Journey Maps & Contextual Interviews


Boolean, X Ray Search, Candidate Pools


Outreach Messages, Onsite Interviews, Hiring Manager relationships

Receive Your Tech Recruiter Certification

Tech Recruiter Certification


Invest Today, Place Tomorrow

The Tech Recruiter Certification Program includes

  • The Alignment Framework Method™
  • Tech Recruiter Certification
  • Nerd Cred Badge 
  • 5 Courses:
    • Frontend Engineering
    • Backend Engineering
    • DevOps Engineering
    • Diversity & Inclusion  
    • Full Cycle Recruiting
  • Course Materials become Recruiter Handbook
  • Direct Access to Instructors for Q&A
  • Online, On-Demand. Watch anytime, anywhere
  • Average time to complete certification is ~10 hours
  • Certification course is self paced

What you need to be successful in the competitive landscape of tech recruiting, just $695