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Certified Tech Recruiters are more successful tech recruiters.

Benefits of the Tech Recruiter Certification

More Placements

Make more placements, faster by targeting

the right candidates the first time.

Stand Out

Stand out from the crowd & show potential clients

you stay up to date with technology.

Better Engagements

Increase outreach response rates by engaging

tech candidates in their language.

Decrease time-to-fill rates

More effectively match candidate resumes to

technical job descriptions.

What to Expect

Technically-Geared Curriculum

Engineering Disciplines

Learn the software development lifecycle and the Talent Personas across Frontend, Backend and DevOps Engineering.

Diversity & Inclusion

Learn to source, engage, and retain diverse technical talent.

UX Recruitment Method

Full-cycle recruiter training, incorporating our UX Recruitment Method.


If your recruiter makes one more tech placement due to what they learned from the Tech Recruiter Certification program, that’s a 2,500% ROI!

($18k (20% of $90k salary) – $695 (for certification) / $695 = 2,489% Return on Investment

Tech Recruiter Certification 

Ready to level-up your team and make more placements?